Design your own phone case

Design your own phone case by selecting the brand of your phone below. Choose the right model and use your own images to create something very unique for your new bought mobile. It’s not only great to receive (or give away) your freshly made accessory, but fun to create as well. Try out a few designs and see which one will be the coolest. Besides being a really cool gadget, our cases provide great protection.

Available custom phone cases

Custom hardcase

For each model on our website you can make custom made hardcases. On this particular one your picture will be printed on the back with choice of black, white or transparent edges. The material is made of hard plastic and will make the world a saver place for your smartphone.

Custom softcase

In contrary to the hardcase, the custom made softcase is really flexible due to its silicon material. It is really nice to hold because of its soft texture. This soft material will absorb every collision it encounters and prevent any dents or scratches you might fear. The design will be printed on the back of the case and you can choose between white, black or transparent edges.

Full print phone case

If you have a popular model you can also go for a full print custom made phone case. This version is similar to the hardcase, except your design will also cover the edges. That way your cover will look even more spectacular without black or white spaces between the front of the phone and your picture. A similar version, which is also available for delivery, is the customized full print flip cover.

Custom wallet case

Would you rather have a multifunctional gadget? Then let us customize a wallet case for you by printing your design on it. This version offers room for two cards on the inside and your picture will be printed on the front. A great way to combine your phone and wallet! Just like the flip cover model it opens sideways and closes using a small magnet. The back of the case is black.