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Design your own iPhone case

Use your favorite picture, text or logo and design your own iPhone case. Other Apple products can also be personalised like the iPod Touch or the iPad. Give it a try!

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Be stylish with a personalised iPhone case

Each year Apple seems to make great progress in their products and they always leave their competitors and customers wondering what will come next. Apple is a brand that expresses quality and good appearance in what they produce and how they work. Our personalised iPhone cases offer excellent protection and are also unique just like its carrier.

Design your own iPhone case for protection

Are you done with having to take extra care when using your iPhone, because otherwise it will be gravely damaged when it falls? Design your own iPhone case so this won’t happen anymore. Our personalised cases are very reliable when it comes to protecting your mobile. If someone (accidentally) bumps into you and as a result you drop your new phone, you don’t have to be afraid that it will brake anymore. The case will absorb the crash so the phone won’t have to. This way it will live a lot longer and looks amazing at the same time.

Share your own iPhone case with friends

After you’ve made your iPhone case, you can share your design with friends or anyone else that is interested. Our customers can pick each other’s brain by sharing and posting their cases on our Facebook page or by writing a review on our website. That way they don’t keep all the fun to themselves, but help other’s by giving them some great inspiration.

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From our office in Amsterdam and our production facility in Almere we work daily on the development and distribution of unique smartphone cases. Curious about the company?

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