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Design a case iPhone 6 cases

Personalised iPhone 6 case

Make a Personalised iPhone 6 case by uploading your favorite picture and creating the coolest protection your phone has ever had. Your brand new gadget deserves special treatment. Give it a try and you will see that the result will be amazing.

  • ✓ Custom made
  • ✓ Best protection
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Make a personalised iPhone 6 case

Designing a personalised iPhone 6 case is not only smart to do, but fun too! It is a very small investment to make and the outcome will be more than rewarding. With our simple online design tool it is very easy to upload and adjust your favorite image so it will fit perfectly on the cover. It is also possible to create a design using only colors and text/phrases you like.

Personalised iPhone 6 hardcase

Your picture will be printed on the back of the case and you can choose between black or white edges. This material is made of hard plastic, which will protect your new iPhone perfectly.

Personalised iPhone 6 softcase

The edges of the softcase are made of soft rubber, which will fit and feel very nice in the palm of your hand. The back is made of hard plastic en will be printed with your design.

Personalised iPhone 6 wallet case

The wallet case provides room for 2 cards on the inside of the cover. In contrary to the other versions, the iPhone 6 wallet case will be customised on the front of the cover. The back will be black.

Wooden iPhone 6 case

The very unique wooden iPhone 6 case is engraved by a special laser printer. This procedure is taken care of with the upmost delicacy and only available for a few models. Use your own name, logo or one of our designs and enjoy the luxury of a custom made wooden iPhone 6 case.

Design your own protective cover

The iPhone 6 is a great piece of technology that thrives in its kind. The phone thickness is changed so all the high-tech parts could fit in the body, among other things. Unfortunately these high-tech elements are really fragile. So dropping or bumping your phone can be a big deal. Protect your phone with a personalised cover and expand its life drastically.


Every day we receive great feedback from (satisfied) customers that ordered a customised phone case and each time we get a terrific boost out of it. So please, we would love to hear of your situation and if needed to improve it.

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