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Design a case iPhone 7 Plus cases

An iPhone 7 Plus case designed by you

At Designacase it is possible to personalise your iPhone 7 Plus case. From now on you can pre-order te iPhone 7 Plus cases at Designacase. Leave your mail and you will be the first to know what kind of cases we can provide and when the iPhone 7 Plus cases will be available.

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Personalised iPhone 7 Plus case

Despite the fact that Apple put a lot of effort in their designs, we believe the most beautiful designs are made by the owners of the iPhone 7 Plus. Apart from the fact that your personalised iPhone 7 Plus case is unique, it is also a lot of fun to design your iPhone 7 Plus Case. With our easy to use designtool you will finish your personalised iPhone 7 Plus case within a few minutes!


A brand new iPhone 7 Plus

The new iPhone 7 Plus is presented with a lot of new innovations. The iPhone 7 Plus dual lens technology is state of the art and let you take beautiful pictures, even with bad lighting. The iPhone 7 Plus also features a 3GB RAM, 1GB more than the iPhone 6 Plus. With a 5,5 inch screen the iPhone 7 Plus is significantly larger than the 4,7 inch screen the iPhone 7 has. Despite the amount of time Apple put in to designing the new iPhone 7 Plus, it remains very vulnerable and you have to protect your phone. How nice would it be if your new iPhone 7 Plus is protected by a case you can design yourself.


Strong iPhone 7 Plus cases

De iPhone 7 Plus cases are top of the line, so you don’t have to be afraid of damaging your phone. The personalised iPhone 7 Plus cases will protect your new iPhone from scratches and fall damage.


Best service and quality

At Designacase we want to provide our customers with the best service and the best quality iPhone 7 Plus cases. Most of the time your personalised iPhone 7 case will be delivered within 5-7 days. Our customer service team will provide you with any help our customers need by email, phone or chat. So if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us anything and we willl help you as good as possible. All to make sure your personalised iPhone 7 Plus case will be as unique as it can get.

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