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Custom LG L70 case

Note! This case is also suitable for the LG L65.

Go for a custom LG L70 case with your own cool picture (or pictures) on it. Be creative, take a self and look funny. Grab your dog or cat and take a picture with them on it too. Pick your best one out and upload it to our tool. Within a few seconds we will have received your order and have it ready for shipment within one working day.

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$ 24.95

Your amazing customized LG L70 case

“Wow your case looks amazing!” Yes that is what you will hear daily. Well maybe not everyday, but you are welcome to say it to yourself. After all you designed it totally on your own, so why not be proud of it. Nobody’s phone will ever look the same as yours and you will have your favorite picture on you all the time.

Here’s a suggestion; use your phone case as your business card. Let people take a picture of the back of your phone. It is so unique that they will have to remember you!

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